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To strengthen her vision in portrait and fine art photography, Jackie has traveled to, focuses on, and grown from the influence and the intrigue of Melbourne, Australia; Bangkok, Thailand; and Paris, France. Likewise, she has personally observed the beauty and the structures of bot Rome and Venice, Italy; various parts of the south of France, and numerous areas of the Caribbean islands.

Her work not only employs versatility, but also embodies excellence. Two of Jackie’s images highlighting the Women in Labor Movement were featured during live comments given by President Barack Obama. Congressman Elijah Cummings (MD) and Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (United States Virgin Islands) entrusted Jackie’s specialty to portray them with her photographic accent. Both Art Monk and Michael Vick (National Football League) have placed value in Jackie’s specialty.

Her technique and her passion established her presence. These characteristics are the reasons Jackie is frequently called upon to capture the on-going settings at the annual Congressional Awards, which honors students who take the challenge and give back through the goal setting and long-term commitment. These honorees stand with their respective congressman and/or congresswoman while visiting the nation’s capital.

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